These types of connections can still make me feel very loved and supported

These types of connections can still make me feel very loved and supported

As I’ve been exploring multi-dimensional connections for a number of years now, my personal preferences have been gradually evolving. These richer connections are very satisfying, but now when I experience a connection that doesn’t involve at least three dimensions, it feels a bit lacking to me. It’s like watching a movie without sound. Even if the visuals are amazing, I can’t help but feel that something is missing.

So these days I’m finding it increasingly challenging to feel “turned on” by connections that only go deep in one dimension. And lately even two-dimensional connections are starting to feel less satisfying than they used to.

It could also show up as sexual play partner where we learn a lot from each other in that dimension, but there wouldn’t be much love

The more I experience and enjoy connections that include at least three dimensions, the less interested I’m becoming in 1D and 2D connections. So if I receive an invite for a stimulating mental conversation, and if I expect it’s unlikely to move into the body, heart, or spirit aspects to a significant degree, I’m feeling more inclined to decline such invites.

This shouldn’t be too surprising, should it? If I’m able to find and experience richer, multi-dimensional connections, it seems reasonable to expect that more constrained connections may become less appealing over time. This isn’t always the case though. Sometimes I prefer and enjoy a mono-dimensional connection that goes very deep. But all else being equal, I can acknowledge a growing preference for multi-dimensional connections. I typically experience them as richer, more satisfying, and more energizing.

Fresh Intentions

My connection experiences over the past few years are causing me to acknowledge some new Rockets of Desire. Instead of just inviting and experiencing more of the same, I’m noticing a longing for even more depth and richness in my connections. I don’t actually need more connections; in fact, I could be happy with fewer ones than I have now. But I’d like the connections I do invite and accept to include more dimensions (meaning three or four dimensions instead of just one or two).

This is causing me to gradually understand and accept a shift in priorities for my social life. Instead of opening myself to lots of different invitations, I’m becoming more selective in filtering for connections that at least have the potential to involve three or four dimensions.

body-mind-heart – This type of connection has good physical chemistry, stimulating communication, and some nice emotional depth. This could be a very enjoyable way to connect, and it may feel really good, but we’re not really helping each other grow much. Even though it wouldn’t be a major growth experience, I’d openly accept more of these connections. With a strong body-mind-heart connection, the spirit element may soon follow, so this could easily tip into a 4D connection.

body-mind-spirit – This connection has good physical chemistry, stimulating communication, and strong growth potential. But there isn’t a big emotional connection (i.e. not much love). It’s harder for me to want to invite this kind of connection since I’m very open-hearted and normally attract other open-hearted people with ease, but in some circumstances I could see this as a possibility to explore because of the positive growth aspect. This connection could take the form of a connection with someone who’s a bit emotionally closed or wounded, and our connection may serve as part of their healing process. The heart aspect is pretty important to me, so exploring this type of connection would be a bit of a stretch for me.

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